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We are based in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka

All payments and legal work will be handled
through our US entity based in Delaware

Frequently asked questions

Why wouldn't I just hire full-time developers or agencies?

Indeed, the cost of hiring full-time senior-level engineers has increased significantly, with annual salaries often exceeding $150,000. Additionally, managing a full-time team can be burdensome, and finding highly skilled professionals can be challenging. Building a web application often requires different areas of expertise, but not all of them are needed simultaneously.

When hiring a full-time team, you have to bear the cost of the entire team, regardless of whether their skills are currently required. Software agencies tend to charge more due to administrative fees and the need to scale their operations. Moreover, starting a project with an agency involves time-consuming activities such as discovery, contract negotiations, proposal-making, and scope definition. Adapting to changing requirements can be difficult in such scenarios.

With a monthly plan, you have the flexibility to prioritize tasks based on your needs, rather than trying to keep everyone busy. The relevant experts will be assigned as required for each task. For example, you may choose to focus on redesigning your website one week and then make changes to your mobile app the following week, which may involve different areas of expertise. This flexibility allows you to utilize the right resources for each specific task.
Additionally, you have the freedom to pause or resume your subscription as needed, ensuring that you only pay for the services when you have work available. This approach helps you optimize costs and ensures that you are in control of your development resources.

Is there a limit to how many tasks/projects I can have?

Once subscribed, you are able to add as many tasks or projects to your project management space as you'd like. We will create a 2 week time frame(cycle) for us to focus and the tasks that can be completed within that time period will be added to it.

How fast will I get my tasks/projects completed?

The time required for completion will vary depending on the complexity of the task or project. When you add a task or project to the backlog of your project management space, we will technically break it down (if necessary) so that we can estimate the effort needed.
We will add them to the current cycle(2 week time frame) or a future cycle based on the priority you have given. Less complex tasks will be completed within the cycle and delivered. However, complex tasks might need few sub-tasks to be completed before it is delivered which could span across multiple cycles.

Who are the developers?

We are a team who are well expertise and trained to work within the technologies and methodologies we have define. All of them are experts in their respective domains. We follow a careful process in selecting our developers. All of us are from Sri Lanka but we are accustomed to work with clients around the world through well-defined systems.

What do you develop?

We are primarily a web development company. We have developed complex web applications and handled production level traffic. Following are our main services,
- Develop web applications
- Develop websites
- Develop mobile applications
- Develop E-commerce applications
- Develop real-time communication applications like chat, video applications
- Deployment of your application
- Building code pipelines for faster deployment
- Develop log and monitoring systems
- Develop serverless solutions
- Design solution architecture for an application
- Auto scale the application
- AWS Services
- QA automation

What technologies do you develop in?

We have carefully chosen and mastered a set of technologies that allow us to develop robust and scalable applications.
- Javascript/Typescript
- React/Redux/NextJs
- React native
- NodeJs- Express/NestJs
- Serverless(Lambda)
- GraphQL/
- Webflow
- MongoDB/PostgreSQL
- WooCommerce
- ELK/Sentry
*We only take tasks that utilize these technologies. If you are not sure whether a task falls within these technologies contact our support first before purchasing a plan.

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