Why SMEs Need to Build Their Own Software in 2023

SMEs should build their own software in 2023 to gain a competitive advantage, solve customer problems, and optimize operations.

Apr 30, 2024
Why SMEs Need to Build Their Own Software in 2023


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a number of advantages over startups and large corporations when it comes to building their own software. In this blog post, we will explore these advantages and discuss why building your own software can be a key driver of growth and success for your SME.

Advantages of SMEs building their own software:

Unfair advantage over startups and large corporations:

  • SMEs already have a network of users who already use their services and can be converted as the initial user base for their software. Finding early adopters is always a challenge for a software, so this is a huge advantage.
  • SMEs have deep domain knowledge and understand the problems their customers face and what can be done to solve them. This gives them a significant edge over large corporations, which may not have the same level of insights at the ground level.
  • SMEs are also more agile than large corporations and can move faster when it comes to building and launching new software products.

Increase market share:

  • Custom software can help SMEs to expand their market reach beyond their local area and compete on a global scale.
  • It can also give them an edge over their competitors by providing them with new ways to connect with customers and deliver value.

Solve pain points of your customers:

  • SMEs can use software to solve the specific pain points of their customers. This will make them more attractive to customers and help them grow their business.

Optimize your operations:

  • Software can be used to automate tasks and streamline processes, which can lead to significant cost savings and efficiency gains for SMEs.

Case study: BYJU

BYJU is an online coaching platform for students in classes 4-12 and competitive exams. It started out as a coaching business, but the founder, Byju Raveendran, realized that he could solve the problem of students not understanding in mass classes by creating a software platform that provides personalized learning. BYJU is now a multi-billion dollar company, which shows the potential of software to transform businesses.

Ready to transform your business?

At Telzee, we help SMEs to increase their market share by providing custom software solutions. We are not just a software development company; we believe we can be a true technical partner in enabling SMEs to scale.


Building your own software can be a key driver of growth and success for your SME. It can give you an unfair advantage over your competitors, help you expand your market share, solve the pain points of your customers, and optimize your operations. If you are ready to transform your business, contact Telzee today to learn more about our custom software solutions.

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