Using our subscription to launch your MVP

A subscription model is offered for those who want to quickly launch their MVP with quality and the ability to pivot as they receive feedback.

Aug 4, 2023
Using our subscription to launch your MVP

How many great ideas might have been abandoned because there were too many things to figure out or too much friction?

To lay a solid foundation for your application, you need to find a good team, develop quickly, and ship fast. Iterating quickly to reach the MVP point, getting feedback, and making pivots are also important.

What if there was a service that could deliver what you want quickly and with enough quality for you to test it out, while giving you the ability to pivot your application as you receive feedback? You may want to check out our subscription model, which offers the following benefits:

  • Start quickly: Purchase the plan and we'll get started within 24 hours (during workdays i.e. Monday - Friday).
  • Focus on short-term goals: We always focus on a 2-week cycle. You can add what you want to get during the cycle, and the number of tasks depends on the plan you are on. You can keep any number of tasks in the backlog.
  • Speed up development: Want to get some important features to production in one month? Go for a higher plan for one month and then scale down after you finish them. You can upgrade or downgrade between cycles.
  • Make pivots and changes: Got feedback and need to pivot the application? No problem. Add the changes to your next cycle and we'll be on it.
  • Code quality: Our solution architects lay a good foundation for us to be able to change the functionality anytime without breaking the code. We also make releases when you achieve project goals and not merely based on the cycles or individual tasks. This ensures that the deliveries are aligned with your goals.
  • Scale and build more features: As long as you have the subscription, we'll be your team and help you build more features. If you are getting traffic and want to scale your application, we have solution architects and devOps to help you out.
  • Who will be working on my project? Do you change the developers? How do you keep the quality? All the developers are experts in their respective domains and carefully picked to our team and well trained to work in our methodology. We will allocate the best resource based on your needs at the time. The number of developers working per cycle depends on the plan you are on. But the developer who will be working will be based on your needs. Since we assign a tech lead for each project, he/she will have the bigger vision of the project, so it is easier for us to change the developer based on the needs.
  • Technologies: We have chosen a set of technologies that are best for each purpose and have excelled our knowledge in them. We use the following technologies and do not take projects outside this scope:

  • ReactJs
  • NextJs
  • Typescript/Javascript
  • NodeJs
  • NestJs
  • Express
  • GraphQL
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • PostreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Elastic Cloud
  • Sentry
  • Webflow
  • Serverless/Lambda
  • Keycloak
  • Cognito
  • Jitsi
  • Docker
  • Terraform

Do you have an idea that you want to try out? Choose a plan at and get started within 24 hours.

Would you like to learn more? Schedule a 30-minute meeting with our CEO at or visit our website at

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