Launching an online tutoring platform with our subscription in 90 days

This document outlines a plan for launching an online tutoring platform in 90 days using a subscription service.

Apr 30, 2024
Launching an online tutoring platform with our subscription in 90 days


A tutoring institute needs to expand their services online by allowing students to manage and attend their classes online. They currently have a user base of students and teachers.

Tutors need to be able to create courses with videos, documents, images, quizzes, exams. Then based on the course they can create a cohort(class) and assign students to it. There can be multiple cohorts per course.

For each section of the course there will be a live class(video call) with the tutor.

There needs to be two separate platforms for students and tutors.

Let’s see how you can build this platform in 90 days with our subscription.

Getting Started

Even though we have made it super easy and fast to get started, we recommend you to spend enough time understanding the problem and how you are going to solve it.

Create a timeline for 90 days and figure out the main features you want to build out for the initial release.

Once you’ve documented these out you can simply purchase a plan as you see appropriate at and we will give you access to your project management space (i.e. Linear Team Space) where you can add the requirements. During Monday-Friday we will get started within 24hours.

In this example to build out this application, we recommend going for the growth plan which allows you to have 2 developers at the same time.


It’s important that we breakdown the roadmap into small projects so that it’s for a team to focus on what to build, why and when. You can add these projects into Linear that we use with the specs.

So in our example application, the projects could be,

  • Student portal setup
  • Tutor portal setup
  • Registration and login - We will start with Google authentication
  • Course creation - A course will have multiple sections in each the tutor will be able to upload any documents with a small description. Quizzes and tests will not be developed for the initial release.
  • Class creation - A class can be created assigning students to it. For class you can assign courses which will in turn make them available for the enrolled students.
  • Student class view - Student to see upcoming classes and be able to join the video call through a zoom link.
  • Student course view - Student can see course materials and see their progress.

It’s important to scope these projects down in the early stages focusing on the core functionality needed. Things like getting payments online, different authentication methods, tests and quizzes, upload videos are not scoped for the first release to be able to deliver the first version quickly.

We will assign each project a lead and add the timelines. We will clarify if there are any concerns or questions regarding the project specs. You can view in Linear, the timelines and project lead will post an update for ongoing projects every week.


We will break down the project into small tasks(technically) that can be done by a single developer. The task will have a well defined outcome. So the project “Student registration and login” will break into,

  • Task 1: Design the user interface for the registration and login pages.
  • Task 2: Develop frontend UI for registration and login pages.
  • Task 3: Develop the backend logic for the registration and login process.
  • Task 4: Integrate the registration and login pages with the rest of the platform.
  • Task 5: Test the registration and login pages.
  • Task 6: Deploy the registration and login pages to production.


We use the concept of cycles to help us focus on what needs to be done in the next 2 weeks. So when we are starting out we will pick the most important projects to work and add the tasks that can be completed within 2 weeks to a cycle. We will then allocate the 2 developers according to the requirements of the cycle. For example if we are taking on the two login and registration projects, the first cycle could be split between one working on the backend logic and the other on frontend. You can view the cycle in our project management tool.

After 2 weeks another cycle will be automatically created in the project management tool and we will add the next set of tasks to it.

As we complete the tasks you can view the progress of each project on Linear

The great thing about our subscription is that you can switch the 2 developer spots between cycles. So based on the needs of the cycle we will allocate the best developer to it.


We recommend you to launch a beta release before the final release to test it out with your closest customers. So this could be the students and tutors that are close to you and get feedback.

Once our QA team confirms everything we will go for a production release and you can start onboarding your customers.

What’s next?

A successful product is never a one time development. You have to continuously get feedback from the users and keep going for small launches that addresses their pain point building a great momentum behind it. But if you feel you need more time to test the platform with users and do more marketing you can always downgrade the subscription to a lower plan like the starter plan which should be enough for you to maintain and attend to any bugs reported by the users.

If the platform gains more traction and starts getting traffic, you can upgrade to a plan like Pro plan and we will help you scale the platform with solutions from our solution architects and cloud architects.

Get Started

Having worked with a lot of SAAS founders and having founded a SAAS ourselves, we believe Telzee web development services offer the most agile solution out there in the market. If you are ready to get started, please visit or, if you want to speak with us first, book a 30-minute call with

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