How we develop your product faster

Discover our streamlined approach to accelerate product development while maintaining quality.

Aug 20, 2023
How we develop your product faster

Speeding up product development and regularly launching updates is crucial for keeping everyone motivated and maintaining momentum. Faster releases make customers happy because it shows that you're listening to their problems, and it impresses investors because they see progress. Your team also stays motivated when they see continuous improvements.

However, speed should never come at the expense of quality. You need to make sure your product meets certain standards to attract and retain customers.

Your approach should be flexible, allowing for changes based on feedback and new opportunities that arise during development.

With these principles in mind, we've developed a straightforward methodology that works well for our clients and gets better over time.


Even if you want to be agile, you still need a clear direction for your product. We'll work together to identify the main goals for the next month and the next three months.


From these goals, we'll break things down into smaller projects that can be finished in 2-3 weeks. Each project will have someone in charge of keeping everyone updated.


Projects will be divided into smaller tasks that can be assigned to individual developers. These tasks will be easy to understand and will have clear goals.


We'll decide which tasks to focus on in the next 2 weeks, depending on project priorities and the number of developers available (which depends on your subscription level).

Regular Releases

Once we achieve the goals of a project, we'll release an update. Since we divide projects into smaller parts, we can release updates often and keep the project moving forward quickly.

Making Changes

You can always adjust the projects and tasks between the 2-week cycles, giving you the flexibility to respond to user feedback.

Quality Control

We take quality seriously in our company. Developers follow industry-standard coding practices and are responsible for the quality of their work. Our QA team tests tasks before they go live.

Effective Communication

Good communication helps us deliver results faster. While we understand the value of meetings, we try to use written communication within our company as much as possible. We use a tool called Linear for task-related communication, so everyone is on the same page. We send weekly emails to keep everyone updated, and we do product demos regularly, recording them for future reference.

For urgent matters, you can always reach out to us through Slack or by scheduling a call.


We use Linear to manage customer support requests. It helps us make the right decisions quickly.

Using Developers

We try to keep the same developers on a project, but we can adjust based on what's needed for each 2-week cycle. With our subscription, you have the flexibility to switch developers between cycles.

Getting Started

Start building your product with us by choosing a plan that suits you at We'll get started within 24 hours (on weekdays) after you purchase a plan. If you want to learn more, please schedule a call with us at

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