How a SAAS Founder can use our subscription to develop and scale their product

Find out how SAAS founders can use our subscription to take develop their product faster without risking too much

Jul 28, 2023
How a SAAS Founder can use our subscription to develop and scale their product

SAAS founders are heroes who have a vision and see an opportunity in the market, and are willing to take risks. As a SAAS founder myself, I've always wondered if there is a way to build a product quickly and test it with early adopters without risking much. Telzee Subscription service was created as a solution to all these problems.

Before diving into how our dev subscription can help SAAS founders, let's take a look at the common problems faced by SAAS founders.


  • Need to be able to start quickly. Too much friction keeps you from starting at all.
  • Finding the right talent: there are lots of software agencies, freelancers, etc. But can you trust them? Can one freelancer do all the work? Will the software agency accept changes in requirements? Do I need to worry about all that?
  • Need faster iterations.
  • Requirements change based on user feedback.
  • Different expertise is needed at different times. Does the freelancer you hired deploy your application on AWS? Can they build a backend application? Is your software agency flexible enough to offer you the right talent as you need it and get rid of them when you don't need them?
  • What happens after you build your MVP? Do you need to focus more on marketing and sales now before you build out the next phase? What happens to the freelancer or team that you hired? Can you ask them to hold until you get more traction or funding?
  • Are you out of funds, or do you need to scale down your team before you get more funding? Does that mean you have to fire people?
  • What technologies should you use? What works best for your application? Does your team really have expertise in them? Will you be able to scale with these technologies?
  • Need to put more effort into research, market analysis, marketing, sales, rather than worrying about managing development or building processes because it could be you and your co-founder who would be doing all the work.
  • How do you develop a proper dev process? Do you have to train the freelancer that you hired to do that process?
  • Are your freelancers/software agencies keeping documentation of what they develop?
  • Do you need to hire a QA team to make sure the deliveries are of quality?
  • People have higher expectations of the quality of your application. You need to get it right from the start. You should lay a good foundation to be able to scale or pivot your application.
  • Can you scale fast when you need to with your software agency or freelancer? Can you rely on them for long-term? What happens if they leave you?
  • Can these freelancers/agencies really understand your requirements? Do they see the bigger picture of what you're trying to build?
  • How can you keep your team trained? Do they know about compliance or secure software development?

Getting Started

We made this as easy as we can for you. All you have to do is purchase a subscription, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to give access to your project management workspace (Linear), Wiki page (Notion), where you can add all your requirements. You can attach a Google doc, Figma file, requirement spec doc, or wherever you have the requirement documented to Linear tasks, and they will be picked based on the priority you've set to form a two-week cycle (a time period for us to focus on a set of tasks).

What if you have something to discuss with us about the requirements? You can book a meeting with us (available for growth and pro plans), or you can simply send a Loom recording of you speaking and attach that to the task.

If you have any doubts or concerns, you can book a 30-minute call with us before purchasing the subscription. We will let you know if your use case can be handled by our subscription.


Who will be working on my project/tasks? We only hire senior/experts for our team. We take our hiring process seriously. We only hire if the individual matches our values (find more about values here). We allocate the right expertise needed based on the requirement at hand and based on the tasks that we take into the cycle. For example, if the cycle contains tasks that need frontend development and mobile development, we will allocate our frontend expert/s and mobile expert/s to the cycle. All tasks will be handled by seniors who are experts in their respective fields hired after a careful process adhering to our values.

Faster Iterations with Cycles | Our Process

We adapted this concept of cycles where we focus on a set of tasks for a period of two weeks. The main difference between a cycle and a sprint is that a cycle does not have an end goal. End goals are always tied to projects that we create on Linear and not the cycle. That way we can focus on getting the maximum number of tasks completed within a time period instead of worrying about delivery. Delivery will be ready only when we achieve everything related to that project. For example, let's take a sample project 'New Onboarding Flow' where we develop a set of steps for the user to complete before they login for the first time. Now this has multiple tasks associated with it in order to deploy this into production. First, UI design needs to be done, then build the frontend functionality, send data to backend at the end of each step, update user database when flow is completed, write test cases for QA, deploy to QA env, perform QA and release to production. Until all these are completed, the task is not really finished. This involves at least four types of expertise. Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, DevOps, QA Engineer. So if the goal of the sprint was to deliver this functionality, it would pressure the team to fit in everything within a two-week period, and there will be times where certain expertise will be idle because their part is complete or is dependent on someone else. But if the delivery was independent of the sprint, but is based on the goal of the project, the tasks can be completed across multiple cycles/sprints and be delivered once the tasks related to the projects are all completed.

Scaling Up and Down when Needed

You can start with a higher-end plan, get the app developed faster, and then downgrade to a smaller plan to maintain that application until you get more traction/funding. It is also possible to pause the subscription if you run out of work or funding. You can always resume when you get more tasks/funding. If you are not happy with our service (which is very unlikely) or you do not need our service anymore, you can always cancel the subscription.

Adapting to Changes

It doesn't matter that your requirements change as the project goes because we will always be focusing on two-week cycles, and we can always take in modifications as tasks for a cycle. You can also get a task on frontend completed during one cycle and then focus on the backend in another or mobile development. You can make use of the pool of experts. This way, you focus on what's most important at that given cycle rather than trying to get the best out of everyone or having to delay things because you do not have the expertise needed for it.

Technologies we Use

We have carefully selected the right set of technologies needed for a web application. This is based on our expertise and research. We have mastered our expertise in them so that we have end-to-end knowledge in them.

Web App Development - ReactJs, Redux, Next Js, NodeJs, NestJs, Express, GraphQLDatabase - MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostreSQL, MySQLMobile App Development - React NativeDevOps - AWS, Serverless


Our pro plan offers you faster development with access to solution architects for developing a scalable solution and DevOps for implementing monitoring systems and auto-scalable infrastructure on AWS. However, if you scale faster and need more resources, we are happy to offer you a custom pricing plan according to your requirements.


We maintain code documentation on the Wiki page (Notion) that we provide you. We also use proper coding standards so that it's easier for anyone to extend the code if needed.


All tasks will go through a quality assurance phase before completion. We have a senior QA team to handle the quality of the output of the development team. We also hire experts with experience to provide you with the best quality output.

Long-term Partnership

Even though it is possible for you to cancel the subscription anytime, we will be your team as long as you have the subscription. We love building long-term relationships to help you succeed with your product.


Having worked across production-level applications across multiple industries, we are capable of understanding the unique requirements of each project.


We have helped our clients achieve ISO27001, HIPAA, Ontario Health Verification, etc. So we have internally implemented all the processes needed for compliance. We also regularly train our team for secure software development through the Linux Foundation course on Secure Software Development.

Get Started

Having worked with a lot of SAAS founders and having founded a SAAS ourselves, we believe Telzee web development services offer the most agile solution out there in the market. If you are ready to get started, please visit or, if you want to speak with us first, book a 30-minute call with

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