About our company‍

We are a team of highly skilled developers who have been trained to work with utmost efficiency in our methodology.

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Our unique approach to development

We've carefully put together a team of experts with different skills. We stick to one way of doing things and use specific technologies, which makes us really good at them. We listen to feedback and keep improving our approach.

Our experience with over 100 projects has helped us master the methodology we use.

The values that drive everything we do

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Ideas over hierarchy

Embrace diversity, listen to everyone's ideas, and foster creativity by valuing good ideas over who is in charge

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Build with heart

Create products with care and empathy, putting ourselves in the user's shoes and building something that is meaningful to us

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Team work

Work collaboratively, support each other, and prioritize teamwork over individual contributions

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Embrace honesty

Foster transparency, identify problems quickly, and create a culture of self-awareness and growth by being honest with each other

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Pursue excellence

Set ambitious targets, challenge the status quo, and strive for excellence in both design and engineering

We are based in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka

All payments and legal work will be handled
through our US entity based in Delaware

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